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George Lee

George is at home in his work with energy. His lifelong ability to see and feel the energy and understand what the energy does helps with moving and transforming energy in home or office spaces. The client can also gain more awareness of energy in the body. George began studying energy in the Ghedee tradition of energy workers about 4 years ago. This study of energy has expanded his practice of cleaning and clearing space.

Energy in Your Environment

George’s practice involves working with the energy in your home, business, or workplace. A person wanting to clear and clean dense energy from their space can draw a map of the area and the objects within for George to work with, or they may invite George to come to the home, workplace, or business to identify and shift the energy. George sees and feels what energy is there, including entities hanging around. He facilitates and advises various ways of creating shift and transformation of energy for more ease and comfort in the specific space. The balance and placement of objects such as stones and crystals and their vibrational qualities enhance the balance and flow of energy.

Energy in Your Body

Secondly, George’s skill includes assisting a person with their own energy. By listening and observing, he senses and identifies emotional, mental, and physical aspects that are slowing down the movement of energy in the body. He uses stones and crystals to feel and work with what is happening in the body.